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Whether casually across the chest or practically around the hips: the HERMETIC sling bag fits just as perfectly as it protects against moisture and dust. The patented, automatically sealing closure is 100% tight. If you go on a city trip, jump into a wild adventure, or discover the world on the water with your SUP: The sling bag offers space for the most relevant things that are dear to you, comfortably attached to your waist or shoulder.


  • Urban or outdoors: keeps your essentials protected
  • Magnetic self-sealing closure
  • 100% water and sand proof
  • Full touch functionality through the case
  • No interference with electronics and cards
  • Integrated FIDLOCK buckle for easy fastening


In addition to a smartphone, important cards, charging cables and wallet are always with you. And the magnetic belt buckle can be easily operated with one hand.

HERMETIC sling bag

  • bag external: 230 x 120 x 9mm

    bag internal: 224 x 100mm

    strap extent: 790-1150mm

    weight: ~141g

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