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From concept
to product delivery

Full Turn-key product RD&D solutions studio

Our advanced solutions services include process, technology, design, consulting, detailing, supply chain, and manufacturing.

We operate as your full-service external partner, as needed, for either short-term projects, or as the solutions lead team for companies such as AngelSense and Fidlock.


our co-creation process

We work with you on the full-cycle journey: From ideation, concept proof, value proposition positioning and defining the core gaps & goals prioritisation to optimizing your product purpose performance, custom-fit development and design solutions. 

Together, we clearly identify: 

  1. What core problem your product solves for (value proposition).

  2. Who you’re optimizing the solution for (target segment).

  3. How you define and measure success (KPIs).


research, development & design

Our unique industry expertise and collective experiences

in development, production and sourcing give us

the competitive edge advantage to offer our clients

versatile New-Age solutions

in today’s rapidly changing world.


Production-Ready Design

Our studio is effectively setup for “hitting the ground running” with production-ready enablements from the get-go.Our expertise and experience in producing and sourcing give us the advantage of being able to design with production in mind.


Implementation follow through

We offer our clients full support throughout the implementation phases in each production cycle, as needed, leveraging our subject-matter expert internal teams and partners.


Production & QA

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