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Nuclear radiation
protection system

The client

StemRad specializes in

systems for diverse

radiation protection. 

In collaboration with


Gamma 360 009

The Challenge

In this project, in collaboration with our partner Tiko Studio, Nomadity was hired to create a vest hosting smart technology for radioactive radiation blocking.


Target use case segmentation

StemRad’s 360 Gamma radiation shield provides necessary protection for military personnel performing mission-critical tasks while operating in the most dangerous CBRN environments. Whether on the front lines of battle or while protecting the Homeland, military combatants may be exposed to harmful gamma radiation in a variety of scenarios including: nuclear weapon detonation, radiological dispersal device (RDD) and nuclear reactor operations.

Gamma 360 010

Our Solution

This product is designed to solely protect the pelvis area, where the core internal organs are most vulnerable for radiation. For that purpose, the vest is built in a belt form attached to suspenders. The product is adaptable for different body types and measurements, and is designed with self-adjustment mechanism. NASA adopted our product for their astronaut equipment development.

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