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Studio Nomadity’s Story

Nomadity’s story starts in Yewsdene—the house of the Yew tree,

also known as The Ark.

Yewsdene was the post-WWII safe haven that our grandparents—Paul and Marie Osters--built in the utopian countryside of Radnage, England. At humanity’s darkest time, The Ark was a home reviving human values and tolerance after “The Flood.” It hosted a rainbow blend of post-war new-age thinkers--Bauhaus Architects, Artists, Artisans, Philosophers, and technologists, a global community of migrants coming together across cultures and continents, cross-pollinating diverse perspectives and disciplines. Yewsdene has since been the inspiration for Nomadity’s core principles. 

The Studio weaves in Bauhaus minimalism design for practical creative solutions, threading form into function, and advanced new technologies into heritage specialty crafting to create timeless universal products for the Modern Nomad Going Global.


At the heart of Studio Nomadity’s DNA is the story of global human migration, in constant motion.

The story of the Eternal Explorer, navigating across regions and functions, with a clear mind, kind heart, and open antennae to receive the diverse perspectives of the world. And make it better for all.

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