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About Us

World Wearable Solutions. Dream it, we’ll do the rest.

Nomadity is your global innovation studio partner, providing turn-key smart-textile wearable solutions from concept ideation, research, prototyping, product design and development to final product delivery.  We thread Form into Function, integrating advanced technologies of the future with heritage skilled crafting to create timeless, universal, practical production-ready solutions for complex new-age challenges. We operate in the intersection of Design and Artistry, stitching seamless savvy solutions across industries and sectors for the Global Modern Nomad. Studio Nomadity was founded in 2006 by Eyal Zur and is located at the bustling heart of Tel Aviv’s creative center, with hubs in the US (New York and San Francisco) and China (Shenzhen). Our user-centered approach is tailored to delivering lifetime value for our diverse portfolio: from the Astronaut NASA vest orbiting the moon on the Artemis project for early human settlement in Mars, to Outdoor & Travel gear, medical devices, special needs usability and other sector products. Our advanced solutions services include process, technology, design, consulting, detailing, supply chain, and manufacturing. We operate as your full-service external partner, as needed, for either short-term projects, or as the solutions lead team for companies such as AngelSense and Fidlock. If you’d like to explore our retainer model, contact us here. ​

The Team

It is all about the people.


 Eyal is the Founder and Head of Wearable & New Technology Solutions at Nomadity.

for over tow decades Eyal has specialized in soft goods, to bridge creatively between products design, textile engieering, and textile products design.

Eyal holds a B.Des degree in industrial design from HIT, Holon and has pursued an MA in design and managmenet from the Technion Israel institute of technology, Haifa.

Eyal Zur 

CEO & Founder


Omer heads the Development and Operations at Nomadity.

Using her experience in textile production, combined with management skills and a background in product design, allows her to look at projects with a critical and particle eye and guide the team to productionable solutions.

She is a graduate of the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 

Omer Frankel 

Development & Operations Manager


Omri believes in blending creativity and organisational expertise into every endeavour. As a project manager with a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of user experience, Omri aims to exceed client expectations by developing a process that includes research, sketches, and models. 

He is a graduate of the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 

Omri Cohen

Industrial Designer & Project Manager


Daniella brings a high attention to detail and styling into her position as project manager at Nomadity. Guiding clients to realistic solutions for very challenging developments.

As a designer she believes that good design is a smart design that puts the user at the centre and that its aesthetics

are led by function.

She is a graduate of the Industrial Design Department at HIT, Holon.

Daniella Efrat

Industrial Designer & Project Manager


Roei is a fashion designer by training,

Specialising in the connection between clothing and textile in product design.

Functioning as project manager and responsible for sewing and patterns at Nomadity. His experience comes from his military service as a seamstress and textile product designer at an elite unit in the IDF.

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design at the Shenkar Academic College.

Roei Bardas

Fashion Designer & Project Manager


Ayelet brings with her 8 years of extensive expertise in the development and creation of intricate textile products. 

With a wealth of hands-on experience, Ayelet is dedicated to the creation of smart, stylish, and practical solutions that harness the unique properties of textiles.

She is a graduate of the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Ayelet Kimchi

Industrial Designer 

TaliaBaruch_headshot profile photo.jpg

Talia is a Global-Ready Product and Growth Marketing Executive, with 23+ years of experience leading International Expansion at Google, LinkedIn, and SurveyMonkey/Momentive AI. She helps companies maximize durable adoption in new markets, making products discoverable, usable, and valuable for customers across the globe. More here.

Talia Baruch

VP International Expansion

Our Clients

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Studio Nomadity’s Story

Nomadity’s story starts in Yewsdene—the house of the Yew tree,

also known as The Ark.

Contact Us

Main office

Sheffer lane 4, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6560352

+972 548 277 784

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USA office 

San Francisco, California

China office 

Shenzhen, China

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