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Protective vest 
for spaceborne 

In collaboration with



The client

StemRad specializes in

systems for diverse

radiation protection. 

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The Challenge

This project was part of a long-term cross-continental development process, in which Nomadity Studio was hired to create an innovative new-technology textile exterior for an exciting futuristic product. StemRad developed a 3-D printed new technology for GAMA and Solar Storm radiation, designed for space travel and, fast forward into the future, also for protecting early human settlement in outer space.

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AsroRad 001

We faced multiple challenges in this project.

The key challenge was the need to design a 360 degrees protection gear with no spaces that may leak in any radiation. 

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AsroRad 002

Target use case segmentation

Short term: Astronauts in space travel explorations. Longer term: Early human settlements outside of planet Earth. 

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Our Solution

Nomadity’s solution was primarily in our textile cut and density of the radiation filter material. Understanding the multitude of the wearer’s usability use cases and scoping all options–minor to major–gave us the advantage of creating the world’s first of its kind radiation protection vest.

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AsroRad 015_edited.jpg

We’ve integrated multiple panels within the vest that enable flexibility and comfort for the wearer. The internal shape and composition of the vest factored in maximum radiation protection technologies for the most critical internal organs, while considering maximum wearer comfort. 

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