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Supported radiation
protective apron 
for medical teams

In collaboration with


The Client

StemRad specializes in

systems for diverse

radiation protection. 


The Challenge

Historically, radiation protection gear for MDs (Medical Doctors) has been heavy (led-based) and cumbersome, resulting in orthopedic injuries and bad user experience. 


Target use case segmentation

Healthcare providers are exposed to long hours of radiation while conducting medical procedures in and out of surgery rooms.


Our Solution

Nomadity Studio was hired to develop

a new kind of radiation protection vest. During the research and development phase, our team defined and optimized for 3 core features:

1. light weight 

2. comfortable/adaptable wearability 

3. maximum radiation protection. 

We collaborated with our partner Tiko Studio, who designed and manufactured the Exoskeletal mechanism for our vest. The external skeleton carries the extra weight-load off of the vest wearer, thereby alleviating the physicians’ pain and discomfort and enabling them to do their work more efficiently, for longer hours, and with greater comfort and ease.

The internal build and design of the vest maximize radiation protection for primary core internal organs. Nomadity’s design solutions integrate new technologies inspired by futuristic cyber applications. 

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