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Neurology Therapies

The client

Brain Q

In collaboration with



About the client

 BrainQ–Neurology Therapies Using Brain Computer Interface Technology. BrainQ’s mission is to treat and heal neurological brain injuries. The product maps the

electro-neuro pathways and,

using AI technology, identifies and fixes the weak and disconnected links.

The Challenge

In this project, the core challenge was the heavy weight and placement of the hardware in front of the patient's body. The product is cumbersome and heavy. It intermittently interfaces with the patient's head. The product is built in an adjustable frame that can be adapted to different body types and sizes.

Target use case segmentation

Brain injury patients.


Our Solution

This product started at the manyone studio, where the team made the creative concept and designed the system. Nomadity joined the project in the production phase and designed the product for production-readiness. Leveraging our expertise and experience in the smart textile production space, we were able to help BrainQ take the design out of the drawing board and bring it to realization.


Due to the complex and non-standard shape of the product, we designed a custom-fit carrier bag for this product, that is easy to use, comfortable to carry, and prolongs the product’s shelf-life for many years.

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