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Mindfly bodycam

Mindfly offers professional sports fans a whole new experience of watching sports events from the  athlete players’ viewpoint.

The client


In collaboration with



The Challenge

Mindfly company visited our studio and commissioned Nomadity to develop the harness vest hosting the hardware camera. Some of the challenges we faced in this project were maximizing the athlete’s comfort, maximizing ventilation of both the athlete’s body and the camera’s temperatures, and the ability of the product to meet the firm conditions of the game. Our primary goal is eliminating any usability friction and ensuring that the bodycam does not interrupt the player's game.


Target use case segmentation

Sports athletes, players. 


Our Solution

We conduct user research and keep iterating on prototyping and product development/design optimizations through the process of ongoing tests and athletes’ user feedback.


Our wearable camera vest design is adaptive to diverse body sizes and sport types. It draws inspiration from innovative athletic disciplines both in creative design output and in the choice of smart soft materials. In order to reach the optimal heat dissipation, we use graphene nano particle technology.

This product is still ongoing and we keep iterating new product version developments.

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