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Arm Band

The client


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About the client

Nerivio Migra is a breakthrough electronic device for acute treatment of migraines. Attached to the patient’s arm (below the shoulder), it is a clinically-tested wearable suited to be worn everywhere and at any time. 

Nerivio Migra, as well as other types of wearables the company is planning, are controlled by intuitive smartphone applications to easily adapt therapy treatments to today’s modern lifestyle.

The Challenge

Nomadity designed a wearable biocompatible sleeve to complete the Nerivio device action, helping it effectively attach to the arm to optimize treatment. 

The main guidelines that the client most cared about were: fast production, cost-effective, biocompatible, one size fits all and, most importantly, high quality.



Target use case segmentation

People with pain disorders. Our goal was to improve the quality of life and functionality for everyday people suffering pain, and offer them effective, sustainable pain management solutions.


The main guidelines that were important to the client is that the product will be

Fast production



One size fits all

High quality.

High quality & technological manufacturing

The armband is made with high-frequency technology, seamless 

One size fits all
making an extension part for more sizes 


The inner fabric is a biocompatible medical fabric that complies with strict FDA standards

Travel bag

Made the with the same fabrics
as the Armband, made for
easy carry of the device

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