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With the small PUSH saddle bag 400, you only take the essentials you really need. Plus with its clear and reduced design it fits under every saddle.

It is easily removed with one “PUSH” of a button on the base and just as easily re-attached by bringing the magnets together. In combination with the mechanical latching, both ensure a reliable and secure locking.


  • For repair kit, spare tube and co.
  • Quick release with PUSH button
  • Waterproof material and zip
  • Strap for a clip-on light
  • Reflective FIDLOCK logo print


Strong magnets attract, center, and latch different modules magnetically to the base.

The mechanical locking keeps the module securely attached to the frame. This ensures comfortable and safe handling, even under strain.

PUSH modules can only be removed with one simple “PUSH” on the button.

With just one movement the bag is off the saddle and everything inside the bag is at hand in no time.

PUSH 400 Saddle bag

Color: Black
  • bag volume: 400ml

    measurements: 75 x 104 x 125mm

    max. filling weight: 500g

    Weight: 110g

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