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This version of our popular V-BUCKLE can be sewn directly onto and under materials and features a male part designed for 25mm straps. Therefore, the V-BUCKLE sewable 25 is a fashionable and functional fastener that opens up countless creative applications, e.g. apparel, bags and footwear. This V-BUCKLE 25 sewable features a black flap. Of course, you can mix and match the sewable female part of this version with all counterparts for 20, 25, or 40mm straps of the V-BUCKLE product family. The V-BUCKLE is available with or without a pull tab (hole dimensions: 4 x 2 mm).

V-BUCKLE sewable 25 black flap + pull tab

  • Opening mechanisms: lift

    Webbing width: 25 mm

    Weight: ca. 26 g

    Material: PA6, PA66GF15, stainless steel

    Colour: black

    Dimensions: 69,5 x 47,2 x 16,0 mm

    Punch hole for assembly: female: 36,0 mm; male: 27,0 mm