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Wearable active
compression device

The client

Elastimed- world’s first

robotic stocking. 

In collaboration with


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About the client

ElastiMed is an Israeli startup, maker of the world’s first robotic stocking designed to treat lymphatic and venous diseases. ElastiMed’s proprietary technology uses Artificial Muscles (EAPs), which contracts and expands when stimulated by an electric pulse, creating a sequential massage on the leg that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions to improve circulation.

Target use case segmentation

Patients suffering venous and lymphatic conditions, as a result of sports injuries,

chronic wounds, Edema swelling or blood clots.

The Challenge

The challenge was to optimize for adaptive active foot compression, while maximizing comfort for diverse wearer sizes. 

Elastimed 01_0006_Layer Comp 8_edited.jpg

Our Solution

We applied a smart 3D weaving technique to adapt the fabric to multiple user sizes and requirements. We integrates several complex textile methods, from intricate weaving to incorporating gluing techniques with other materials, like plastic components, to offer a sleek, wearable therapy device, which continuously massages the legs, while ensuring effective circulation in the legs.

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