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The client


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About the client

Gooper Technology is the world’s first and only patented flexible magnetic waterproof self-sealing system. This series of products was created in collaboration between three entities: Gooper, an Israeli startup, acquired by the German company Fidlock, and Studio Nomadity.


The Challenge

The challenges in creating this series of

products were mainly structural, and the fact that they had to reach a completely sealed closure.

These challenges were solved with the help of the cutting of the cases, and with the help of the technique of welding the different fabrics to each other.


Target use case segmentation

The Sports Family product collection was designed by Nomadity studio. 

It's a collection of 3 different cases for different types of sports and for different positions, all 100% waterproof.


Our Solution

We solved for the functional and structural challenges by applying a unique cutting method of the cases, and welding techniques to bind together the different fabric components.

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