An entire gym
in one backpack




About the client

GymOnMe is a revolutionary compact exercise equipment solution, making fitness training accessible to everyone everywhere on the planet.

Gym2Go is the product developed in collaboration between Nomadity Studio and GymOnMe company.

Target use case segmentation–

who are we optimizing for?

Professional fitness trainers and trainees on the go.


The Challenge–what problem is Nomadity solving for?

The compact exercise bag is constructed to meet the mobility needs of the “urban nomad” professional fitness trainers and trainees, and to enable an easy to use, comfortable and aesthetically appealing carrier solution for fitness equipment transportability, on the go. 

picture by GymOnMe

Our Solution

We designed this carrier bag in accordance with the unique requirements and specifications of the fitness equipment type, weight, and volume. We applied an in-depth thought process to determine the optimal textiles in each component of the bag to ensure durability over time, adaptability of the compartments to the specific equipment types and, of course, creativity, innovation and comfort in our user-centric design approach.